Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Friedrich Liechtenstein is' "super-geil"

I don't usually post videos on my blog, but this made me laugh so hard, so I decided I HAD to share this.

Here is a little bit of background information:

Edeka is a German supermarket chain, and this is their latest marketing campaign. The reason why it is so funny is the following.

In German the word "geil" literally means horny. However, the word evolved into a slang word which also describes something really awesome. Seeing this gentlemen looking at ordinary grocery products like super plush toilet paper, or battered fish and calling these items "super-geil" or "richtig-geil–really-awesome" sounds not only hilarious, but considering his casual use of the word, which the elderly would typically avoid due to it's origin, makes this a hit. Not to mention this guy's, whose name is Friedrich Liechtenstein, swag... I mean charm! *

Here is an article from The Guardian.

*This is also a perfect example of a smart way to apply "anglicism." In Germany, as in many other non-English speaking countries, English words are mixed in with their language to sound cool or hip. (Which obviously is a huge debate because more and more languages lose their identity–long story). I am not a fan of anglicism, but in this case, I find it very smart because it uses so many, that even a non-German speaker can get the gist of this campaign–making it even more powerful and giving it global potential!** 

**By the way, I saw "Edeka" brand cheese at a supermarket (Harvest Market in Williamsburg, Brooklyn) which tastes wonderful, unfortunately I can't eat it due to allergies. You should try it if you see it. 

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