Friday, December 3, 2010

The Perfect Gift

What Every Woman Wants


I admit, starting a post with the above statement may scare some people off, but I promise, this is about me and not aimed to sell any products at all, so read carefully what I am about to tell you about myself. Maybe I am not like most other women. Or maybe I just want to believe I am different. Most likely, I am probably just hoping for individuality. In other words, I want to be noticed as an individual and not as an object or someone’s sister, girlfriend, mom or wife – a shell.

Regardless; what I have in common with millions of other women in the world is that I want to be read. I know men will roll their eyes at this statement in utter annoyance, wondering how they are supposed to read a person. Additionally, a few men have probably given up already, thinking they are no psychics and left it at that. Typically those men will get exactly the reaction no one wants for buying the wrong gift, unless their partners are good actresses. But, I am telling you, there is hope, even for you. Why? Because women are not asking you to read their minds, we simply want you to pay attention to our wishes.

When it comes to what women want for Christmas – same applies to birthdays, anniversaries to name a few – most of us are not about the biggest rock or the most expensive purse. We have different needs and wishes and we will hint to you what they are. So, do not wait until a week before Christmas and then buy something under pressure, simply listen to us. Especially when you are at a shopping mall or a store. Your woman will mention if she sees something she likes. She will also tell you what she thought about buying but isn’t sure, like that expensive pot that is supposed to cook food while preserving vitamins and minerals. Or that hair dryer that is not supposed to damage your hair. In fact, she has probably mentioned that her perfume is used up last week. Maybe she even told you how she has been feeling stressed out lately – use that as a hint and book a spa weekend.

Never buy anything without thinking. Listen to her needs when she verbalizes them and write a mental note. And that is, now pay attention men, what you should do all year around. So, your idea for Christmas could have come from something she has mentioned in March during a family weekend in Boston.

Yes, and please do not forget to tell her you got that specific gift because of what she mentioned, trust me, you will never go back buying a standard gift a saleswoman recommended to you, when you see her reaction. She will definitely express her thankfulness, not only for the item you got for her, but for actually being with a man who understands her needs and listens to her.