Saturday, February 28, 2015

The World, Wide Web

I feel alone in the vastness of being (online).

I browse the world with a tab, and another tab, then another one.


I connect to the artificial world on TV which turns into my family, my travel partner, my adventurist, my unqualified psychologist

For a little while the screen goes blank. 

The next one lights up. 

I'll find you satisfaction, in my never-ending blog roll

And I roll, and scroll

I'll be with you at least, until I am fake filled with happiness

Together we will be endless in this vast, vast world, wide web.

Until I go to sleep and dream of the world outside

The one I long to connect to.

But we forgot how that works in a city of facades, beautiful, blunt, big, and solitary people.

One with the world, wide web

All of us.