Monday, July 12, 2010


To a New Place in LIFE

Moving to a new place is a BIG deal. Moving in New York specifically is a BIG deal. I spoke to a woman in her 50's from San Diego, who helped her daughter find a place in Manhattan, who said t hat it was harder than buying million Dollar properties in Cali. While I almost gave up on our "dream place", her words -- as discouraging as they could have been -- they reassured me by proving that taking time and demanding all kinds of additional documents from a potential tenant, making them feel like chances are really low, is not out of the ordinary.

Now, three weeks after looking at this apartment, we are all moved in. It is my third night here and I am still getting used to it. At every slight sound, I am looking around, trying to find out where it came from. Fidel, our cat, is doing the same. I almost feel guilty realizing that it is taking him a while to get used to it, too. He has not been eating as much as usual and he is mostly hiding, preferably behind the couch or in the bed room. I wonder how long it will take us to feel completely comfortable. The apartment is great. It already looks awesome, with little furniture we had. It feels like a home, it is wonderful; yet, it is a new environment that just takes time to adjust to.

While I am getting used to it, I am thinking about how exciting changes are. Doing new things is inspirational. It gives me more energy, it makes my creativity flow. It reminds me of how quick we live in the status quo; it shows me how much our brains need to be stimulated.