Monday, January 13, 2014

Setting It Free

I did not know where to go with it. 

I took it with me. Like an invisible string that was tied around my leg. I was dragging along, tangling up in everything I passed.

I did not know where to go with it.

I scrunched it up and swallowed it.
Pushed it up under my cheeks. 
Divided it into different spots of my forehead.
Hid it in the upper area of my eye sockets.
Deposited it into one side of my skull.
Placed it in front of my eyes like fog. 
Attached it to my muscles in my lower legs.
Let it flow up and down my arms, all the way to the finger tips. 
Glued it onto my bones in both feet.

I placed it in all of those places.
Now I am consciously letting it go, for it had served its purpose.

It slowed me down. 
Made me weak.
Had me cry.
Took my voice.
Tied me up.
Paralyzed  me.
Hid the light from me. 
Made me fall
Stole my heartbeat. 

Good bye sadness.
Farewell fear.
I do not need you to show me the world through your tinted glass anymore. 

I accept.
I agree.
I am setting myself free.