Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My pet – a composition


Is it true that pets really resemble their owners
? In other words, does a pet really reflect their owners' characteristics? What if your pet seems completely different from you, such as an aggressive dog whose owner is a calm, old lady -- the seemingly opposite -- can such a pet still reflect their owners' dispositions? I would say yes – even those kinds of pets resemble their owners' tendencies – I’ll explain later. First, I will tell you about my pet.

So this pet that I own is kind of strange; definitely not people's first choice of pets like house cats or dogs. Does it mean I am eccentric and weird even, I hope so. Am I really me, or just a made up character? I won’t tell.

Anyway, so it is a she, for the mere fact that I seem to identify with females. She likes cakes and chocolates but knows they are bad for her, so she eats salads and vegetables but no meat. That would be like eating your own kind, she says. She eats fairly regularly, except for when she gets lazy or too busy. Oh yes, she certainly has lazy tendencies.

Her fur is really soft. She would love to be purple or green, but of course like most pets, she is a kind of earth color, probably greyish-white. Her eyes are green-blueish. She has long legs and fairly small feet. But that’s ok, small feet are more attractive to mates -- she knows that.

I picture her being more of an observer. I know that because she is never direct. She despises drugs and mostly stays sober. But if she plans on partying, she parties hard. Probably until the next day. She has a handful of friends and knows a lot of people. I, her owner, love her loyalty. She would never, never sneak up on you from behind, if you are her friend; but, she would also never pretend she likes your smell if she does not.

A regular day looks like follows. She wakes up whenever she pleases, most likely when I am already gone for work. She goes into the kitchen, and she always does it in the same fashion, pretending like she is just strolling, when in reality she is on a mission--a mission to get food. Maybe she does not want anyone to steal her food, and if she acts like she is not interested in it, no one will ever discover that she is going for the grub. After breakfast, she leaves the house. She doesn't want me to I know, since pets are not supposed to leave the house, but I am well aware of her daily visits to Café Rouge. She spends hours there. Until shortly before I return home, she has chit-chats with the guests there.

When I come home, she demands food again. Sometimes, she flushes her pet food down the toilet when she has eaten at the Café, which she does not want me to know. I told you she is loyal – she knows my feelings would be hurt if I knew she ate somebody else's food. After dinner she lays down for a good two hour nap. When she wakes, she runs around for a good ten minutes, must be her exercise program. If she wants it, she comes over to cuddle afterward. If not, she just sits apathetically on the couch next to me.

Oh I love my bunny, an angora rabbit to be precise. Or was she a Chinchilla? Hm, not important.

Oh yes, and even aggressive pets resemble their seemingly opposite owner since aggression stems from insecurities. And I can see an old lady having a lot of them, can’t you?

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