Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last day!

My 6-month training program at Shopwiki ended today.

Here is my very last post. Now I am looking at weeks of time for reading, writing, working out, reflecting, relaxing etc...

Link to some of my guides. *Some have been edited and added to after I finished them, which in some cases adds content and spelling mistakes I haven't approved or made.

My top guides:

Your first Christmas with the parents in-law

Turning Into a Gym Lover if You are the Outdoorsy Type

Fatih Akin Movies

Arthouse Cinema


How to Deal with Winter Depression 

One sample outfit I put together to wear with a camel coat, I would wear that!


  1. Shopwiki altered this post after it was published by adding an additional table with products. The whole section "Das perfekte Outfit" is not by me.

  2. If you take a closer look, there are 2 pairs of leather gloves now as well as two pairs of skinny cut black pants. Whoever was responsible for adding content did not make a smart choice.


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