Sunday, June 21, 2009

Die Toten Hosen

In June of this year I was able to be at one of the biggest events of this year, as part of working for the event venue "Stadthalle Bremerhaven, an open-air concert with Stigma, Trashmonkeys, Donots, and Millencolin. All of them were part of the pre-show for the headliner "Die Toten Hosen," one of Germany's biggest Bands. 12.000 fans came, and it was so much fun to photograph and write about this occasion.

Here is the article as I posted it on the website Stadthalle Bremerhaven

If you are interested in seeing my pictures of the event, follow these two links: Pictures of Die Toten Hosen, and Pictures of Stigma, Trashmonkeys, Donots, Millencolin

Here is a translation of the article I wrote about the open air concert with the "Toten Hosen" [The Dead Pants] – funny name for a band, I know. "Die Hosen" have been a band since 1982 and became an essential element in the German punk-rock movement. They have been able to sell over 23 million records to date, and are performing all over the world – which is very rare for a German band with predominant German lyrics. "Die Hosen" are definitely known by every German; therefore, I considered working at the concert an honor. Besides, I must say that the "Donots," pronounced do-nots, are a great live band. I love their song "Stop the Clocks". Check out their latest album "Coma Chameleon," it's worth it. And the "Trashmonkeys" have planted their song "Attitudes in Stereo" in my ear, ever since hearing it live.

Thanks for your interest, here is the English translation of "Open Air der Superlative--Die Toten Hosen"

An Open Air Concert of Superlative Quality: „Die Toten Hosen“ are performing live in Bremerhaven

An open-air concert of superlative quality took place on Saturday the 6th of June at Wilhelm-Kaisen-Platz in Bremerhaven. 12.000 fans came to enjoy one of the most successful German bands to date, “Die Toten Hosen” live. And if that would have not been enough to attract viewers, “Die Hosen” brought a number of punk-rock bands with them to animate the crowd before their show.

The beginning of the almost six-hour long concert is made by “Stigma,” a German alternative band that sings their songs in German, which is rare for this genre.

Next are the “Trashmonkeys.” “We are trying to break the sound-barriers, today,” says Andreas G. Wolfinger, the lead singer, and starts playing their current single “Leaving Home.” The band from Bremen gives there all for an hour, and says good-bye with “Attitudes in Stereo.” “The encore will be on our LP,” says Wolfinger and refers to the band’s merchandise, which is being sold on the festival grounds. The audience is thrilled. An enthusiastic viewer in the front row asks a security guard for the band’s name that had just finished their performance.

After a short break, the “Donots” step on stage. Ingo Knollmann —lead singer — understands how to thrill the audience. And after his band’s performance, and his funny statements, one could say the Donots have developed a friendly relationship with Bremerhaven’s audience. “Bremerhaven, you are windy,” he says, “Bremerhaven, but you’re still dressed very nicely.” Then he continuous with the last song, “Stop the Clocks,” and orders the audience to sing along, “At a Hosen concert every single song has to be sung along,” he adds, “At a ‘Hosen’ concert every single damn song is being sung along,” he smiles contagiously.

With the last pre-show performance, a punk-rock sound pours out of the speakers. The audience is still pleasantly hyped when “Millencolin” starts playing their songs. Nikola Sarcevic greets the crowd and explains that it is National Day in Sweden – their hometown; he is being ironic when he states that his band came from Sweden to be celebrating the holiday in Germany.

At dusk, after a four-hour long pre-show with a fantastic line-up, “Die Toten Hosen” finally begin their two hour performance. Campino and Co are pleasing the crowd with classics and new songs of their latest CD “In Aller Stille” [In All Silence]. “Machmalauter” [Turnitup], the motto of the upcoming tour that includes more open-air performances, seems like a complete success, as 12.000 fans leave happily and pleased at 11 pm.

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